Only Yes Means Yes when it comes to consent

The Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre (CASASC) is excited to officially launch the Only Yes Means Yes (OYMY) campaign.

The education, community relations and communications teams have collaborated to create this ongoing poster and awareness campaign around positive consent conversations.

The OYMY campaign challenges our consent conversations by reinforcing that our bodies are always conveying a lack of consent (always saying “no”) and that consent can only happen when a person actively and consciously says “yes” and gives or shows their consent.

Through three simple, relatable posters, CASASC is showing central Albertans what consent can sound and look like, prompting adults to ask the question “Did I get a yes?” and showing what that “yes” can be.

Consent is an important concept in sexual violence prevention. Speaking positively about consent can change our community for the better. OYMY focuses on what positive consent can sound and look like as a way to promote healthy relationships and increase a greater sense of consent culture.

These posters are geared for adult audiences who visit public spaces like bars, restaurants, medical clinics, services agencies and many more. We are asking workplaces to place posters in their staff rooms and places where clients/customers may gather like bathrooms, tables, bulletin boards and gathering spaces in our communities.

We have also developed a FAQ for the campaign that can be used to promote the campaign in the communities we serve.

Over the summer months, OYMY was soft launched into the central Alberta community. Our education team visited over 19 central Alberta communities to have in-person conversations with organizations and business to bring awareness of our services and to share the campaign and posters.