Monthly update – CASASC Connections


This month we are introducing a new monthly update called CASASC Connections. This is a space where we will provide updates on our services, programs and all things CASASC.



Counselling can be accessed Monday – Friday and does not require a referral or special circumstances. Individuals can call the main office to start their counselling journey anytime at 403-340-1124.

  • Sessions are offered in-person, through secure video chat or by phone
  • Masks are required for in-person sessions

Adult clients: Call the main admin line. An intake appointment will be booked with our Intake Worker, then you will be set up with a counsellor. We have a session cap of 15 counselling sessions.

Child/youth clients: We will need to ensure consent forms are in place (both parents or legal documentation) and the same process will happen – an intake appointment is booked, followed by appointments with one of the child counsellors.


Kinship Intervention Program (KIP)

KIP offers a combination of early intervention practices and a community-based approach, integrating anyone in the youth’s support network or community.

Available to any Indigenous youth (age 6 -17) who exhibits sexualized behaviour concerns or engages in “sexual acting out” or who has experienced sexual violence. The program works collaboratively with the youth’s family and elders.

KIP builds relationships throughout Central Alberta with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous service providers and communities. We can provide in-person mental health services for Indigenous youth and adults, including crisis intervention and remote counselling services.


24 Hour Sexual Violence Help Line


Available through call, text or webchat – We provide 24/7 confidential and anonymous support and a friendly conversation with the end goal being information, support and referrals.

December saw 191 contacts with the Crisis Line: 145 phone calls and 46 text/webchats.

Volunteer Opportunities – email

Join our team. We continue to accept applications for virtual and remote volunteers on the 24/7 Help Line and an on-site admin/reception volunteer.


Police, Community + Court Support

For more info email

The CASASC Police, Community + Court Support program is your safe place. We are dedicated to being that place where you work through your options, navigate the system, and process a traumatic experience. Our support workers are here to listen and support you while you are considering or navigating the criminal justice system. We are advocates and sources of information for you – that safe guiding presence throughout the process.

The Community + Court Support Program is available to anyone (age 16+) who has experienced sexual violence. You’d don’t need to be an existing CASASC client.

No matter where you are in your healing journey, or whether you choose to report, the Police, Community + Court Support Program is here to provide:

  • Support, information, and advocacy. No legal services or advice is provided
  • Can discuss options for legal advice and provide resources and referrals
  • Information about reporting, the court process and court preparation
  • Accompaniment to report and/or court proceedings
  • Assistance with filling out forms and applications


Education – Prevention and Awareness

A well-rounded way to approach prevention education involves adults learning and being engaged, not just the youth. School staff and parents can help to create safer school environments where students can learn and have relationships with others without fear. Having adults who are equally as informed and involved sends a message of support to their students and can impact the school’s wider #cultureofrespect. It says, “we care about what you are going through!”

CASASC offers, at no cost, programs to help educate adults on supporting the youth in their lives. These programs are meant to help teachers, staff, and adults who work with youth feel empowered to know healthy relationship, prevention and support concepts and be able to support the youth in their life.

These presentations fit great within a PD setting or as a whole team discussion and can be offered in person or virtually.

  • Intro. to Sexual Violence: A 60 min presentation focused on introducing definitions and concepts related to sexual violence. The presentation discusses how to respond to and support disclosure and usually ends with a brief overview of all CASASC’s free services.
  • CASASC Services presentation: This is a shorter 30 min presentation geared towards highlighting all of CASASC’s free services.

If you are interested in booking either of these presentations, please reach out to us.


Let’s connect

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Community Connections

Ask an Expert” Parenting + Sexualized Behaviour conversations with our clinical expert

Join us for an informal session with our Child Therapist to learn information related to parenting and supporting children and youth who display concerning sexualized behaviours.

OR join us to discuss a situation or behaviour your child/youth is engaging in, get some advice on what is developmentally appropriate, how to support and respond.

We can give a short overview of the sexualized behaviour program and go over frequent concerns and conversations, leaving us with plenty of time for participants to ask questions and join in the discussion with our clinical expert.

Find more info here


First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training

This comprehensive training is intended to build the capacity of professionals, paraprofessionals and community members to respond effectively to disclosure of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment from children and adults. Training covers the full continuum of topics related to sexual violence across the lifespan. Delivered online or in-person.

For more information and current training dates visit

*Community training opportunities are available with a local facilitator. Can’t make a pre-scheduled training date, reach out to book a special training just for your organization and/or community. (Connect with


WiseGuyz + CASASC Program Opportunity

The Centre for Sexuality and their WiseGuyz Training Institute is looking for organizations who would like to provide the WiseGuyz program in their own community.

WiseGuyz is an evidence-informed program designed for young men (in grade 9) to promote healthy relationships and prevent adolescent dating violence.

With enough community interest, CASASC is hoping to be one of the applying organizations with the goal of making available the WiseGuyz program to schools and communities across Central Alberta.

For more information or if you feel your organization or a local school would be interested in having the WiseGuyz program please reach out to Carlia ( Consider partnering with CASASC and providing a letter of support to our application so together we can bring this program in to your schools and community.



Has your workplace shown their commitment and support towards preventing Sexual Harassment and creating positive workplace environments? Have you joined the #MomentsMatterAB movement?

If not, consider learning more and signing up

Find out More about Moments Matter here

Research shows that a caring and inclusive workplace culture is an important defense against sexual harassment.


Only Yes Means Yes campaign

Have you seen our Only Yes Means Yes (OYMY) posters around your community?

YES – Consider taking a picture and sharing it with us so we can show are appreciation and support!

NO – Well, what are you waiting for? If you know a great place for the posters let us know and we’ll make a connection and start the conversation.

What does consent sound and look like? Can you pinpoint the last time you gave or received an enthusiastic “yes!”?

When it comes to consent, Only Yes Means Yes.

Read more about the campaign here