You Can’t Hurt Me

The controller, power-seeker and deceptions so profound.
I was lured, innocence lost and replace with pain.
Now miles from that darkness, strong and undefeated I stand.
The power you – thoughts you had is now mine to claim.
Never truly belonging to you, only your fantasy.
You’re thought to be a predator, a lion.
Yes as much a predator as the house cat I own
Seen as the weak one, a lamb just to be morphed I am strong and free.
But not steal nor rock, unfeeling, cold and alone.
With amazing strength, yet gentle and steady, like that of the wind.
As I look down at you, in your valley so small, such a weakling, upon this hill
I stand strong and unharmed, I know that I win.
Malicious mind, and evil intentions, but you can’t hurt me now
Everything stolen has now been returned.
And then some.
It kills you how you can try, but you can’t hurt me now.
Here I stay living, loving, and singing a beautiful tune.