This Is What I Was Wearing When It Happened


In recognition of International Women’s Day, the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre (CASASC) and two third-year BScN students of RDC partnered together for This is What I Was Wearing When It Happened, a reflection event.

The thought provoking exhibit was held on March 8 at the Forum in Red Deer College.

The purpose of this reflection event was to bring awareness to the issue of victim blaming and the stigma surrounding women’s clothing as the reason why they were sexually assaulted.

The exhibit featured five live mannequins wearing various types of clothing victims were wearing at the time they were assaulted. This was meant to be a real life representation, a visual way to bring awareness around the still existing stigma.

This was the second year for the reflection event on International Women’s Day. Last year’s event at Parkland Mall featured over 300 pairs of shoes, each representing an Alberta woman who was missing or murdered. The shoe exhibit encouraged people to reflect on the lives of those women.