My Time as a SART Volunteer

For each call that I receive I know it is going to be one very sad event in an individual’s life. My time with each victim is always unique, but knowing I am allowing them a safe place to speak of what took place, or just a shoulder to lean on, and sometimes cry on, is more than comforting for not only the victim, but myself as well.

I am overwhelmed, that we need so many of us, not only the volunteers, but the Doctors, nurses, police and the great councillors. The aftermath of each assault is like no other emotion, as a survivor we all need different things to become whole again. When I speak to the victims, of what is ahead of them, it seems to bring comfort to them knowing they are not alone in this. Understanding, this is not going to define who they are and in time they will be stronger and perhaps a different person but one that isn’t a victim anymore.

I know, first hand that coming forward is one of the bravest things a person will do in their life. Having someone too support you is life saving. Each time I am there as support for the victims, I get a little stronger as a person, knowing what I am giving them will somehow change the event, even if it just knowing they were not alone during this ordeal.

I remember each victims face from the time I started in September, and unfortunately there has been many. I have received warmth, hugs, thank you’s from victims, and the families involved. No amount of money or pats on the back can compare, to a young victim hugging me and saying thank you for being here. I often leave wondering did I make a difference for them, but then I recall the smile on their face, it wasn’t forced and if you can smile during this storm I know I already made a difference…… For them, and for me. Who knew, I would grow and learn so much by just deciding I wanted to give back. Thank you, S.A.R.T for allowing me to become part of this unique team. I know I will continue to grow as a person.