To all who come here… Believe.

Today is my birthday…this appointment is my gift to myself.

The more I face my fears the more free I become. I know one day I will be through this.

Gradually you feel whole again. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

I have found an inner strength I never know I had. I can survive this – you can too.

It is never your fault. Don’t let someone else define your life.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is sexual assault / sexual abuse?
Sexual assault / abuse is not about sex; it is about power.
Sexual assault / sexual abuse is a crime of violent intent, where offenders view the assault as a way to gain power and control in their own lives. Sexual assault / sexual abuse can range from coercive exposure to pornography and inappropriate sexual behaviors to uninvited touching that may include forced sexual intercourse.
2. Do I have to pay for counseling?
No, all CASASC counseling services are free to our clients.
3. Is all counseling confidential?
Yes, all clients and the counselor / therapist sign a ”Limits of Confidentiality “agreement.
4. How long do I have to wait to get an appointment?
CASASC makes every effort to emergencies as soon as possible, usually within one week; all others are generally seen within 4 weeks.
5. How frequent will my appointments be and how many will I have?
This will be decided between you and your counselor. The timing of your appointments may also be affected by CASASC current wait time.
6. Can CASASC provide day care?
No, please make alternative arrangements for the care of your children.
7. Do you have male and female counselors?

At this time we have both male and female counsellors.

8. Do you have Psychologists on staff?
No, CASASC clinical staff are all experienced counselors with a solid understanding in regards to the issues concerning sexual assault /sexual abuse. Current staff backgrounds include RSWs, a BA Psych, and a Therapist (RSW with a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy).
9. I live out of town and do not have access to transportation. Will CASASC assist me to get to my appointments?
No, CASASC does not provide transportation to appointments. There are, however, appointments available in Rocky Mountain House if that is simpler.
10. Does CASASC provide Court Support?
Yes, CASASC provides court orientation, preparation and court accompaniment.
11. How long will we need to wait for an appointment for my child?
The wait time for children’s services is generally 4-6 weeks.
12. What age children does CASASC see?
Ages 4 – 17
13. Who provides children’s counseling?
CASASC has a Therapist on staff (RSW with a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy) with many years of experience working with children who have experienced sexual abuse.
14. Does CASASC provide Speakers / Education sessions to community groups?
Yes, for more information or to book a speaker you can contact us online, by email ( or phone (403-340-1124) and an Educator will contact you as soon as possible. CASASC Educators will come out to make a presentation at schools, youth groups, community groups and sports organizations.
15. Does CASASC provide age specific educational programming for children?
Yes, CASASC has an Elementary Educator who works with children ages 4 – 9. There is also an educator that works with older children, post-secondary students and adults.
16. Is there a cost to book a speaker?
No, the service is free but, as a Charity, CASASC is happy to accept donations and honorariums whenever possible.
17. What is the meaning of the CASASC logo?
The new Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre logo was introduced in the spring of 2012. The two ‘individuals’, arms raised to the sky represent healing and wellness. The colour green symbolizes growth, stability and endurance and the blue, faith, trust, healing and understanding.
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