Monthly update – CASASC Connections – June

Welcome back to CASASC Connections. This is a space where we provide updates on our services, programs and all things CASASC for the month of June.


24 Hour Sexual Violence Help Line


Available through phone, text or webchat – We provide 24/7 confidential and anonymous support and a friendly conversation with the end goal being information, support and referrals.

In May the help line received 118 contacts. The SART team responded to 4 calls.

We anticipate that our Help Line and SART programs will be busier over the summer months. With communities opening up to visitors and locals, being able to get outdoors and spend time socializing with friends, opportunities that challenge our consent knowledge will become more frequent.

A friendly reminder to be respectful of your relationships and interactions. Consent is even more important as we increase our socialization with others and place ourselves back into public settings.

Consider refreshing your consent knowledge and skills. Have a conversation with your partner and friends about your boundaries, and keeping consent front of mind. Be a good friend and keep your eyes open. Don’t let your friends make harmful choices and disregard someone else’s consent.

*URGENT need for Volunteers


We are in immediate need of volunteers to join our 24/7 help line, with shifts on phone call and text/web chat. Our volunteer pool has decreased over the last few months and with an expected increased in public accessing this support line over the summer months our ability to support the influx of calls is in jeopardy.

Using a shift-based schedule the 24/7 help line volunteers provide a listening ear, supportive conversation and resource referrals to children, youth and adults who are in need of support. Previous education and training is not needed. Seeking respectful, caring and supportive individuals.


Education – Prevention and Awareness

Do you have summer child + youth programming? We work year-round and have openings this summer to deliver some interactive lessons at your camps and programs.

Adult learning is super beneficial to the development of healthy relationships of our children and students. Role modeling and reinforcing positive messages and behaviours can have some of the greatest impact on the respectful relationships of our students.  Consider reaching out, we’re happy to have basic, advanced, supportive and discussion-based presentations with you.

Connect today to bring us in.


Community Booths
Come visit us around Central Alberta this June. Our education and awareness team will be at a variety of open-to-public events.

June 16, 11:00am @ Innisfail FCSS Info Fair
June 23 @ Lacombe Farmers Market
June 30 @ Innisfail Indoor Farmers Market


Virtual Learning Series

The CASASC Spring/Summer e-learning series is back. For the months of June to August CASASC will be hosting various free + virtual education lessons for the community.

Services & Programs at CASASC (30 min)

A short session overviewing the programs and services available at CASASC.

For June – August dates and to register visit:

Introduction to Sexual Violence (60 min)

A public awareness and education presentation that introduces, and highlights, definitions and concepts related to sexual violence. We will discuss dispelling myths and stereotypes, talk about victim blaming, the realities of sexual violence and a brief understanding of supporting disclosures.

For June – August dates and to register visit:

Supporting Disclosures (45 min)

This session will help to enhance our skills and knowledge around supporting disclosures of sexual violence. An overview of the fundamentals of responding to and supporting disclosure of sexual assault and abuse from children, youth and adults. Learn some key messages and legal obligations when it comes to reporting child abuse.

For June – August dates and to register visit:

Consent 101 (60 min)

Join us as we overview basics about consent to sexual activity, key focus on conversations for youth and young people. This program can help you talk about consent with youth and can also help us understand the role of consent in healthy relationships. Definitions, laws + ages of consent, sexting and healthy intimate partner relationships will be some of the information covered.

For June – August dates and to register visit:

Activity Sharing – Teaching Prevention Education, Grades K-7 (60 min)

Join our Education team as they share a few activities you can do with children and youth to engage them in prevention education conversations. We will explain how to use the activities, provide you with access to the digital materials, practice delivery as needed and answer any additional questions. Activities geared for class sized groups of children/youth however can be adapted to individual conversations.

  • Body Parts Bingo (Grade K-4)
  • Body “bubble” Boundary (Grade 4-6)
  • Emotion Statues (Grade 4-6)
  • Diversity Unicorn (Grade 5-7)

For June – August dates and to register visit:


Ask the Expert – Parenting and Sexualized Behaviour Support Virtual Session (June 29)

From June to August CASASC will be offering a free, virtual session with our sexualized behaviour and child therapy counsellor. Open to the public, parents and those who work with children and youth, this session will give you helpful tools and the space to have discussions with our counsellor about any issues or concerns. You are not alone, we are here to support.

June 29 @ 4-5 p.m.
Visit the link here session dates and times and to register:



Counselling can be accessed Monday – Friday and does not require a referral or special circumstances. Individuals can call the main office to start their counselling journey anytime at 403-340-1124.

  • Sessions are offered in-person, through secure video chat or by phone
  • Waitlist is approximately two months
  • We have a session cap of 15 sessions

Adult clients: Call the main admin line. An intake appointment will be booked with our Intake Worker, then you will be set up with a counsellor.

Child/youth clients: We will need to ensure consent forms are in place (both parents or legal documentation) and the same process will happen – an intake appointment is booked, followed by appointments with one of the child counsellors.


Kinship Intervention Program (KIP)

KIP offers a combination of early intervention practices and a community-based approach, integrating anyone in the youth’s support network or community.

Available to any Indigenous youth (age 6 -17) who exhibits sexualized behaviour concerns or engages in “sexual acting out” or who has experienced sexual violence. The program works collaboratively with the youth’s family and elders.

KIP builds relationships throughout Central Alberta with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous service providers and communities. We can provide in-person mental health services for Indigenous youth and adults, including crisis intervention and remote counselling services.


Police, Community + Court Support

For more info email

The CASASC Police, Community + Court Support program is your safe place. We are dedicated to being that place where you work through your options, navigate the system, and process a traumatic experience. Our support workers are here to listen and support you while you are considering or navigating the criminal justice system. We are advocates and sources of information for you – that safe guiding presence throughout the process.

The Community + Court Support Program is available to anyone (age 16+) who has experienced sexual violence. You’d don’t need to be an existing CASASC client.

No matter where you are in your healing journey, or whether you choose to report, the Police, Community + Court Support Program is here to provide:

  • Support, information, and advocacy. No legal services or advice is provided
  • Can discuss options for legal advice and provide resources and referrals
  • Information about reporting, the court process and court preparation
  • Accompaniment to report and/or court proceedings
  • Assistance with filling out forms and applications

*Ask us about the SUPPORTIVE REPORTING option


Only Yes Means Yes consent campaign

Have you seen our “Only Yes Means Yes” posters around your community?

YES!  – consider taking a picture and sharing it with us so we can show are appreciation and support!

NO! – If you know a great place for the posters lets us know and we’ll make a connection and start the conversation.

When it comes to consent, Only Yes Means Yes!

Read more about the poster campaign here:


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