NEW parenting group

Join us for Rest, Play, Grow – a book discussion group starting on Jan. 14. at 6 p.m.

Rest, Play, Grow is grounded in the integrated, attachment-based and developmental approach to making sense of kids created by Gordon Neufeld.

Participants will read two chapters of Rest, Play, Grow by Debra Macnamara during the week and then come together to share insights, questions, and experiences. In case a participant is not able to do the reading, there will be a review of the material at the beginning of each meeting.


Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (Or Anyone Who Acts Like One)

Based on the work of one of the world’s foremost child development experts, Rest, Play, Grow offers a road map to making sense of young children, and is what every toddler, preschooler, and kindergartner wishes we understood about them. Baffling and beloved, with the capacity to go from joy to frustration in seconds, young children are some of the most misunderstood people on the planet.


Chapters (topics covered):

-How Adults Grow Young Children up

-The Preschooler Personality: Part beauty, part beast

-Preserving Play: Defending childhood in a digital world

-Hungry for Connection: Why relationship matters

-Who’s in Charge? The dance of attachment

-Feelings and Hurts: Keeping children’s hearts soft

-Tears and Tantrums: Understanding frustration and aggression

-Alarmed by Disconnection: Bedtime, separation, and anxiety

-“You’re Not the Boss of Me”: Understanding resistance and opposition

-Discipline for the Immature: Buying time for the child to grow up

-How Young Children Grow Adults Up


Discussions are facilitated by Michelle Moger and CASASC therapists.

Rest, Play, Grow runs for 6 weeks.

Find out more info and/or to reserve your spot email or call 403-340-1124.

You have the right

You have the right to be yourself.

You have the right to take all the time you need to heal.

You have the right to love and be loved again.

You have the right to say no but you also have the right to say yes.

Take a deep breath and remember to live.

Healing is important but so is getting to where you can enjoy life again.

Find your inner child and nature it.


-Unknown, A Survivor

Be patient with healing

Through my experience with sexual assault I have found an inner strength that I have never knew existed.

With determination I refused to be the victim and pull the blankets over my head and hide.

Being sexually abused is not my fault.

Be patient with the healing, if taking it day-to-day is overwhelming, take it hour-to-hour

Only a crayon

I only have a crayon to write with but here is what I want to say…

I am brave

I am beautiful

I am smart

I am strong

I will never give up and I will overcome any obstacle standing in my way.

How the Crisis Centre helped me

From my perspective, this place has been a literal life-saving source of support, and a safe place to come when I was in desperate need of someone to talk to. It has been a place where I could consistently meet with one staff member, and establish a very meaningful and trusting relationship to help me work through the devastating experiences I have been through.

The Crisis Centre has offered crucial services not only to me, but to many others in need of its specialized services for victims of sexual assault. The help and amazing support I have received, I have become a much different and stronger person today then I was when I first walked through its doors. I truly believe the healing I have accomplished has only been possible because of what the Crisis Centre has offered to me. And I cannot emphasize enough how much this place, its services, and its staff have meant to me in my own personal journey of recovery.

I know that I am not alone. Sadly, there are many, many other victims out there who have needed and will continue to need the Crisis Centre. These victims and their families need this service. I believe it’s vital that they continue to have access to a service that provides such essential support through the trauma and healing process. I have found the help I have received to be compassionate, non-judgmental, and of utmost quality. And l feel that others deserve the same level of caring support that I have received. I hope to see the Crisis Centre operating for many years to come, because I know that its services will continue to be needed, and it would be a terrible loss for victims and the community to no longer have this place to turn to.

For myself, I imagine a much worse outcome, if I had not been able come here, and slowly work through what had happened to me. Some very serious and possibly tragic repercussions could easily have occurred. But instead I am here today voicing my belief in how essential it is for the Crisis Centre to remain open and available for victims of sexual assault. I believe it fulfills a very real need in the community, and that others deserve to have the same service that I have received when they need it most. It makes a difference. For me it has made a huge difference. I’m a single mother, who is now a successful nursing student, a happier person than l once was, and hopefully a better mother to my children. The Crisis Centre has played a role in that, by helping me through some really horrible experiences, and offering so much support and encouragement, as well as validation! Because of that l am where I am today. I’m incredibly grateful, and l wish to do whatever I can to ensure that these services are available to others. One day when I am finished school, I hope to offer financial support as well, because I truly believe in what the Crisis Centre stands for and what it offers to those seeking its services.

You Can’t Hurt Me

The controller, power-seeker and deceptions so profound.
I was lured, innocence lost and replace with pain.
Now miles from that darkness, strong and undefeated I stand.
The power you – thoughts you had is now mine to claim.
Never truly belonging to you, only your fantasy.
You’re thought to be a predator, a lion.
Yes as much a predator as the house cat I own
Seen as the weak one, a lamb just to be morphed I am strong and free.
But not steal nor rock, unfeeling, cold and alone.
With amazing strength, yet gentle and steady, like that of the wind.
As I look down at you, in your valley so small, such a weakling, upon this hill
I stand strong and unharmed, I know that I win.
Malicious mind, and evil intentions, but you can’t hurt me now
Everything stolen has now been returned.
And then some.
It kills you how you can try, but you can’t hurt me now.
Here I stay living, loving, and singing a beautiful tune.