To all who come here… Believe.

Today is my birthday…this appointment is my gift to myself.

The more I face my fears the more free I become. I know one day I will be through this.

Gradually you feel whole again. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

I have found an inner strength I never know I had. I can survive this – you can too.

It is never your fault. Don’t let someone else define your life.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

You have the right

You have the right to be yourself. You have the right to take all the time you need to heal. You have the right to love and be loved again. You have the right to say no but you also have the right to say yes. Take a deep breath and remember to live. Healing is...

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Be patient with healing

Through my experience with sexual assault I have found an inner strength that I have never knew existed. With determination I refused to be the victim and pull the blankets over my head and hide. Being sexually abused is not my fault. Be patient with the healing, if...

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Only a crayon

I only have a crayon to write with but here is what I want to say... I am brave I am beautiful I am smart I am strong I will never give up and I will overcome any obstacle standing in my way.

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How the Crisis Centre helped me

From my perspective, this place has been a literal life-saving source of support, and a safe place to come when I was in desperate need of someone to talk to. It has been a place where I could consistently meet with one staff member, and establish a very meaningful...

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You Can’t Hurt Me

The controller, power-seeker and deceptions so profound. I was lured, innocence lost and replace with pain. Now miles from that darkness, strong and undefeated I stand. The power you - thoughts you had is now mine to claim. Never truly belonging to you, only your...

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