To all who come here… Believe.

Today is my birthday…this appointment is my gift to myself.

The more I face my fears the more free I become. I know one day I will be through this.

Gradually you feel whole again. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

I have found an inner strength I never know I had. I can survive this – you can too.

It is never your fault. Don’t let someone else define your life.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

About Us

The Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre is a voluntary, non-profit organization serving the Central Alberta region under the direction of a community-based Board of Directors.

The CASASC educates, supports and empowers individuals, families and communities regarding all aspects of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault.

Crisis and short-term counseling services are available to victims of sexual assault and their families. Individual sessions are designed to support personal coping skills and accelerate recovery in people who are experiencing the after-effects of a trauma. Regardless of the length of time since the assault, all victims can benefit from appropriate supportive intervention.

In addition to individual sessions, psycho-educational groups are also offered. Some individuals feel they may benefit from participation in a group setting. Our groups offer educational sessions combined with the value of a shared experience.

Empowerment and Guidance

Medical assistance

CASASC staff (SART Members) are on call 24 hours/day to provide accompaniment at the hospital for victims of recent assaults. If individuals prefer, staff can also provide accompaniment and support to their family doctor or the Teen/Young Adult Sexual Health Clinic.

Police assistance

CASASC staff can facilitate and provide accompaniment to police for those individuals wishing to make a report. There is no statute of limitations on sexual assault; that is, a police report can be made regardless of the length of time since the assault occurred.

Court support

For those involved in the court process, staff is available to assist with information, preparation and accompaniment throughout the court proceedings.

Victims of Sexual Assault / Sexual Abuse deserve support, crisis counseling and assistance. To talk to someone immediately, phone the 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line, 403-356-1099 (Red Deer Local) or 1-866-956-1099 (toll Free).

A qualified therapist is accessible by appointment to provide long-term counseling. Play therapy for young children is also available. The trauma of sexual assault can occasionally trigger a recurrence of other issues for individuals. The combination of physical and emotional symptoms can result in ongoing or situational stress that is difficult to manage alone.

To book a counseling appointment, in Red Deer, or Rocky Mountain House phone 403-340-1124 during business hours.

24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line

403-356-1099 (Red Deer Local) | 1-866-956-1099 (Toll Free)
This is a confidential, anonymous service, answered by specifically-trained volunteers, who provide information, support and referrals. Questions or concerns regarding recent or historic sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking/criminal harassment or child sexual abuse are addressed through this line.
Counseling appointments are available through the business line 403-340-1124, weekdays

Help Us Help


of your own beliefs and attitudes about equality in relationships. Sexual assault is about power. Educate yourself to recognize potentially harmful situations.


in your own life. Strive for an equal balance of power in your relationships. Speak out when your see others in controlling or dominating situations. Recognize the consequences of tasteless jokes and comments. Challenge inappropriate stereotypes.


by listening to concerns of family and friends. Support healthy choices in relationships. Utilize agencies that can help by requesting printed information or attending appointments as a support person.


so that we continue to be able to provide services to victims of sexual assault. Make a donation, book a speaker, display a poster, inform others, attend public events, volunteer. Whatever your comfort level, we appreciate your support for the work we do.


children and youth who are suffering abuse may not ask for help. If you suspect abuse act now. It is your obligation as an Albertan to report any suspected cases of child abuse.

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